• Dr.-Abdallah-teaching-student-doctors

    Teaching Student Doctors!

    One of Dr. Rany Abdallah’s favorite contributions to medicine is how he loves teaching student doctors. Click here to learn more about expert teachers like Dr. Abdallah and how important their passion for teaching is. It’s no surprise that he is…Read more

  • Dr. Abdallah teaching medical students new techniques in pain management medicine.

    Pain Management News

    Rany Abdallah MD, PhD, MPH teaches Balloon Kyphoplasty at a Fellows North American Neuromodulator Society course. Sharing his years of experience and expertise with new physicians is one way Dr. Abdallah stays abreast of new techniques in pain management medicine….Read more

  • Pain Management Dr Rany Abdallah utilizing Medial Branch Block

    Relief: Medial Branch Blocks

    When the pain is impacting your life, ask Dr. Abdallah about Medial Branch Blocks. By using Medial Branch Blocks, Dr. Abdallah is able to accurately locate and target the source of your pain, and provide lasting relief! Visit Apicopain.com to learn how we can…Read more

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