Key pain points

When choosing the right pain management Delaware Doctors, it’s important to consider the following key points::

  1. The doctor’s qualifications and experience in treating pain.

The first key point when considering the right pain management doctors in Delaware is to understand their qualifications and experience. In order for anyone to become a medical doctor, they have to go through many years of rigorous education and hands-on training. Some doctors even go further, and become specialists. One of the highest credentials is when your doctor becomes Board Certified in their specialized field.

So a doctor that’s had additional training in pain management has proven a high level of expertise. That means they are qualified to practice in that specialty. Some doctors are so well recognized for their excellence, that they are sought after to lecture and teach other pain management doctors and students the latest multi-modal procedures (multi-modal means using more than just one type of treatment to help you feel less pain. Some examples include physical therapy, spinal cord stimulations, cold low level laser therapy, acupuncture, and medication to name a few.

Rany Abdallah MD, PhD, MBA is double Board Certified, in both pain management and also in anesthesia. He educates physician students and other health care professionals in the latest methods of multi-modal treatments.

What’s this all mean when you’re looking at the key pain management points? You’re in pain. Dr. Abdallah and every member of the APICO Pain Management™ staff cares. Really cares. That’s why at APICO Pain Management™, we say, “We treat all our patients like family.” Discover the difference for yourself by giving us a call, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Abdallah. Step by step, he’ll join you on your journey to finding wellness. That’s what he’s here for. And no matter where you live in Delaware, APCIO Pain Management has three convenient locations in Delaware: Bear, DE – Dover, DE – and in Millsboro, DE.

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