Spinal Stenosis?

#SpinalStenosis is a condition in which the spinal canal becomes narrow, putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the legs and feet.

There are two main types of spinal stenosis: lumbar stenosis, which affects the lower back, and cervical stenosis, which affects the neck. Lumbar stenosis is more common and typically occurs as a result of the normal wear and tear that comes with aging. The ligaments and bones in the spine can become thickened and enlarged, and herniated discs can bulge into the spinal canal, all of which can contribute to the narrowing of the canal.

Cervical stenosis is less common than lumbar stenosis and is often caused by a congenital condition, a herniated disc, or degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

#SymptomsOfSpinalStenosis can range from mild to severe and may include:

– Pain, numbness, or weakness in the legs, feet, or hands
– Difficulty walking, climbing stairs, or standing for long periods of time
– Cramping or fatigue in the legs when walking
– Loss of bladder or bowel control (rare)

#TreatmentOptions for spinal stenosis include physical therapy, medications, and, in more severe cases, surgery.

At APICO Pain Management™, we will recommend the right #PainManagement treatment plan based on your individual needs, depending on the severity of the condition, and the specific symptoms that the you are experiencing.

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