Double Board Certified?

What are some advantages of seeing a pain management doctor who is Double Board Certified?”

Definition: Double Board Certified in medicine means that a doctor has passed certification exams in two different specialties or subspecialties. This demonstrates a high level of expertise and knowledge in those areas, and is considered a mark of distinction among medical professionals. To become double board certified, a doctor typically completes additional training and education beyond what is required for a single certification.

How will being #DoubleBoardCertified help me when I set an appointment to see Rany Abdallah MD, PhD, MBA?

Below is a partial list of some of these advantages. Specialists who are not double board certified may offer these advantages too. However, the additional extensive training and experience of being credentialed in more than one specialty may better help you in working together to find your pathway to wellness.

1. Extensive knowledge and expertise in two medical specialties
2. Ability to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care.
3. Increased ability to identify and effectively treat complex and painful #MedicalConditions.
4. Increased access to cutting-edge treatments and technologies.
5. High level of skill and experience in both specialties.
6. Improved ability to coordinate care with other specialists.
7. Ability to provide preventive care through an additional medical specialty perspective.
8. Outcomes for patients may be improved with a broader understanding of two interconnected specialties in medicine.
9. Generates the possibility of increased patient satisfaction.
11. Improves the ability to identify and address potential complications.
12. It creates the ability to provide a second opinion on unique and difficult cases, where a second specialty certification allows the doctor to see a broader range of possibilities.
13. Greater ability to manage multiple medical conditions that cross over into a different specialty.
14. Provides an understanding of the latest research and developments from the perspective of both specialties.
15. Greater potential ability to provide continuity of care.

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