Neck Pain


Learn about Dr. Abdallah and how he provides plans that help manage neck pain.

Neck pain…

Is your quality of life affecting your ability to work, and enjoy the activities you love?

Rany T. Abdallah, MD PhD MBA is a neck pain management specialist. By integrating the most recent advances in pain management techniques, he tailors multimodal individualized treatment plans that go far beyond conventional “give the patient medication and move on” approaches. His commitment to patient-centric care interfaces seamlessly with new breakthroughs in medical treatments for neck pain management.

Also, Dr. Abdallah’s multifaceted background allows him to navigate the complexities of #NeckPain for patients for whom English is a second language (he is fluent in Spanish, French, Arabic, and English). This enables him to provide all his patients with a clear, easy-to-understand neck-pain management plan.

Additionally, his #CompassionateApproach extends beyond symptom alleviation. He finds the real causes of patients’ neck pain, and addresses them from a multimodal perspective. His patient-centric solutions include listening skills that are finely attuned to understand what’s really going on in his patients’ lives, how their neck pain is improving, and discovering what they need to get back to their normal activities.

If you’ve been putting off seeing a pain management doctor because you think all you’ll get is a prescription/medication recommendation, give APICO Pain Management™ a call at 855-932-7426 to schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Abdallah and his staff. You’ll find out that there’s more to alleviating neck pain than medications. Our offices are conveniently located in Bear, DE; Dover, DE; and in Lewes, DE.

At APICO Pain Management™, we treat all our patients like family.

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