What is Spinal Stenosis?


If you have spinal stenosis, Dr. Abdallah can help you get back to wellness.

I’m often asked by patients, “What is spinal stenosis?”
Spinal stenosis is a condition characterized by the narrowing of spaces within your spine, which can compress the nerves traveling through these areas. This often leads to pain, numbness, and sometimes muscle weakness, often affecting the legs. Understanding what spinal stenosis is and seeking specialized care is essential for effective management and relief.
MY COMMITTMENT. My dedication to my patients extends beyond mere treatment; my goal is to provide a supportive, comprehensive care experience that prioritizes your wellbeing.
COMPASSIONATE APPROACH. That’s why in my practice, I prioritize a compassionate, family-like approach to treating #SpinalStenosis. My extensive experience and education in pain enable me to create personalized treatment plans that address not only the physical aspects of spinal stenosis but also the emotional and psychological challenges that accompany chronic pain.
TAKE ACTION. As a #PainManagement specialist and the founder of APICO Pain Management™, I fully understand the intricate complexities of spinal stenosis and its impact on my patient’s lives. So I invite you to make an appointment with me if you’re experiencing symptoms of spinal stenosis.
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Because at APICO Pain Management™, we treat our patients like family.
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