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Because we care, we are constantly reviewing the latest pain management research.

Because we care…
Because we care about you getting better, we stay at the forefront of new research that helps us find the best treatment options for our patients.A recent study in the British Journal of Pain explored Compassion-Focused Therapy for Pain Management (CFT-PM). The study focused on themes like

Compassion, self-care, and managing self-criticism, all important in the context of pain management. It found that this therapy, especially when conducted virtually, can be highly effective.This approach was particularly beneficial for certain types of pain conditions, like spinal pain, but might not be as suitable for others. Traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based Pain Management Programs (PMPs) might work better for some diagnoses.

CFT-PM shows promise as an effective group intervention for managing pain, and merits further research and clinical use.

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