Why trust matters.


We know from experience why trust matters. And that's exactly why we treat patients like family.

A patient wrote, letting us know why trust matters.

“For years, my chronic pain journey felt like a never-ending cycle of doctor visits, each one offering little relief or understanding. That was until I met Dr. Abdallah at APICO Pain Management™. From our first meeting, it was clear that Dr. Abdallah was different. His combination of medical knowledge and genuine empathy stood out. He listened to my story, validated my experiences, and we agreed on a personalized treatment plan that addressed both the symptoms and the causes of my pain. Dr. Abdallah’s compassion and clear communication built a foundation of trust that I hadn’t found with other doctors. I found not just a physician, but a true partner in my path to pain management and recovery.”
-Message from an APICO Pain Management™ patient

When we hear from our patients who are kind enough to take time to let us know how they are doing on their journey to #Wellness, we stop and reflect on how much we care about each patient, and how we strive to treat them like family.

Give Dr. Abdallah a call at 855-932-7426. He’ll not only get you started #FeelingBetter; he’ll earn your trust.

And for patients who would like to schedule your appointment online at any of our conveniently located Delaware offices in Bear, Dover, or Lewes, click this link: https://hptz.io/0Wlwmd3

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