PRP Therapy Helps Him Keep Riding


How PRP therapy helps keep him riding.

Here’s a story about a cyclist who talked about how PRP therapy helps him keep riding.

“As someone who’s spent more years on two wheels than I can count, cycling isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s more like a way of life. But as I’ve moved into my late sixties, the chronic pain that came from decades of pedaling started to catch up with me. It felt like my body was putting up roadblocks to what I love most.

That’s when I learned about PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy at APICO Pain Management™.

From the start, Dr. Abdallah introduced me to PRP Therapy as an #InnovativeApproach, emphasizing the use of my body’s own healing mechanisms. He explained how my own platelets would be concentrated and then reintroduced to the areas where I was experiencing discomfort. It was a concept that appealed to me, mainly because it aligned with my preference for non-invasive methods.

Whether or not to undergo PRP therapy was a decision made after careful consideration and consultation with Dr. Abdallah. What drew me in was the idea of supporting my body’s natural processes to manage the discomfort that was hindering my cycling. The personalized care I received at APICO made all the difference, allowing me to explore this option fully informed and with realistic expectations.

I’ve always believed in listening to my body and looking for methods that harmonize with its natural rhythms. My learning about PRP therapy at APICO Pain Management™ has been a part of that journey. For me, exploring PRP therapy was a step towards getting out of pain, and continuing my passion for cycling with less discomfort. It’s a testament to the importance of finding tailored, informed approaches to managing my health, especially when it comes to doing what I love.”
-from a patient who consulted with Dr. Abdallah about SurgeryAlternatives for pain.

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