Exploring Relief with a Spinal Cord Stimulator


Am I a candidate for SCS?

Exploring Relief: Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial at APICO Pain Management™

For those suffering from chronic neuropathic pain, finding effective relief can often feel like a daunting challenge. At APICO Pain Management™, patients have the opportunity to explore innovative treatments that may offer significant pain relief, one of which is the Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) trial. Understanding the potential benefits of this trial can be a critical step for patients ready to take control of their pain management journey.

A Spinal Cord Stimulator is a device designed to send low levels of electricity directly into the spinal cord to interrupt pain signals before they reach the brain. The goal? To reduce the sensation of pain and improve the overall quality of life. Before committing to a permanent SCS device, APICO Pain Management™ offers a trial period of about two weeks, which is an excellent opportunity for patients to determine if the device can effectively manage their pain without long-term commitment.

Why should patients at APICO consider an SCS try-out? First and foremost, it provides a unique preview of how pain management could look with the device. The allows patients to assess the effectiveness of the stimulator in real-time, managing their expectations and ensuring they make an informed decision about permanent implantation.

Additionally, the entire test process is #MinimallyInvasive and reversible. This aspect significantly lowers the risks associated with trying the device, as patients can have it removed if they find it ineffective or uncomfortable.

Patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain should consult with Dr. Abdallah at APICO Pain Management™ to discuss whether they are good candidates for SCS. It could be a pivotal step towards finding a more manageable and enjoyable way of life, free from the constraints of #PersistentPain.

For many, a Spinal Cord Stimulator represents not just hope, but a potential turning point in their pain management strategy.

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