Surgery Now?


Do you need surgery now, or will you need it in the future?

Surgery Now or in the Future?

When you’re in pain, the prospect of surgery can be daunting. As APICO Pain Management™ chronic pain specialists, our primary goal is to guide you through understanding your options and helping you make the best decision for your health and well-being. Here are key factors we discuss with our patients:

SEVERITY AND NATURE OF YOUR PAIN. First, we assess how severe your pain is and what kind of pain you’re experiencing. Is it chronic or acute? Does it respond to other treatments? Understanding the root cause of your pain is essential in determining the necessity of surgery.

IMPACT ON DAILY LIFE. Next, we consider how your pain affects your daily activities, work, and overall quality of life. If your pain significantly hinders your ability to function, more aggressive treatments, including surgery, might be considered.

RESPONSE TO NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS. Before recommending surgery, we typically explore non-surgical treatments such as regenerative medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, medications, steroid injections, spinal cord stimulators (SCS), or lifestyle changes. If these methods provide substantial relief, surgery might not be necessary.

MEDICAL HISTORY AND OVERALL HEALTH. Your overall health, medical history, and any underlying conditions play a crucial role. We weigh the risks and benefits of surgery against your unique health profile to ensure the safest and most effective approach.

POTENTIAL FOR IMPROVEMENT. Last, we want to discuss the likelihood of improvement with or without surgery. This involves looking at the success rates of surgical interventions for your specific condition and comparing them with other treatment outcomes.

Your journey through PainManagement is deeply personal, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll explore all your options and decide on the best path forward, whether that means surgery now, in the future, or potentially not at all. CompassionateCare and informed decisions are at the heart of what we do at APICO.

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