What School Couldn’t Teach Me.


What school couldn't teach me.

Sometimes I reflect on what school couldn’t teach me about pain management medicine.

As a board certified pain management specialist, I have spent many years in classrooms at medical school, lecture halls, hospitals, and laboratories, acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to practice medicine. However, as I reflect on my journey, I realize that some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned were not taught in school. “What school couldn’t teach me” are the insights and experiences that have profoundly shaped my approach to patient care and my role as a multimodal pain doctor and healthcare provider.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the significance of empathy and patient-centered care. While my medical training provided me with the technical skills to diagnose and treat, it is through my interactions with patients that I truly understood the importance of Compassion. Listening to my patients’ stories, understanding their fears and hopes, and sharing in their journeys has taught me more about healing than any textbook ever could.

Communication is another crucial skill that I honed outside of the classroom. Effective communication with patients, their families, and my healthcare team is vital for achieving successful outcomes. Building trust and rapport requires more than just medical jargon; it involves heartfelt conversations and genuine connections.

Additionally, managing a medical practice has taught me lessons in business that were not covered, even in my formal education earning an MBA. Navigating healthcare regulations, managing finances, and leading a team are challenges that demand practical knowledge and Adaptability. These experiences have made me a more well-rounded physician and leader.

While my education provided a solid foundation, it is the real-life experiences, patient interactions, and daily challenges of medical practice that have truly shaped who I am today. I am committed to continuous learning and personal growth, as these are the keys to providing compassionate and effective care.

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